Our service is firmly based on customer service and a true understanding of what the customer wants.

Delivering that personal touch and being there to help and advise whatever the ‘technical question’ might be, are what makes us unique. Recommendation by ‘word of mouth’ is the corner stone to our continuing success.

Step One: We will firstly discuss exactly how you want to appear on the Internet and type of information you want your website to display. Using a combination of our own imagination and your specification, we will then put together a ‘dummy’ website. We will then review the ‘dummy’ website with you to find out what you don’t like and what you do like. Once we have agreed the style we move on to content. Firstly, using our photographic expertise, we will take a set of photographs that can then be used as part of the new website.

Step Two: Once you have agreed the final version of your website, we will then register your chosen domain name (if it is available) and then arrange for your new website to be hosted with our hosting partner. If you already have a domain name (website address) we can arrange for the transfer of that address to your new website. Alternatively, if you want to remain with your current hosting provider, we can upload your new website to your existing service providing appropriate authorisation is given to the hosting company.

We can even set up web forwarding so that related website domains (that you own) can be re-directed to your new website. Finally, we can set up email addresses on your new site and then re-direct them to personal email addresses or even create your own POP3 email account.

Step Three: Once everything is set up and looking good and you are happy with the results, we will then look after your website and update your site in line with the Maintenance Package you have selected. And we are ALWAYS on hand to provide advice on your website, emails and how to best use social media.

So if you have an small business and you would like to have a simple, good looking presence on the internet then call us on 07808 766914 or email to discuss how to make it all possible.